Canada Games

Curling NB 2023 CWG Selection Committee

Shawn Riggs, Chairperson,

Brian Rice, Technical Director,

Joan Reed, CCE Representative,

Canada Winter Games 2023…..Confederation Bridge, here we come

The 2023 Canada Winter Games (CWG) will be held on Prince Edward Island.

The NBCA is responsible for delivering a program to manage the selection and development of NB’s Canada Games Curling Representatives. Curling NB will select one boys team, one girls team and one mixed doubles team.

The 2023 Curling NB CWG Committee will be comprised of a Chairperson (Shawn Riggs), Technical Director (Brian Rice), and the Training Coordinator (CCE appointed representative).  The mission of this committee is two-fold:  First and foremost, we want to encourage and facilitate the growth and development of curling within the province of New Brunswick.  This will be accomplished by providing CWG aged curlers various training components through on ice sessions or spiels and encourage participation in as many selected spiels as possible during a season.  this will help teams/players work on game readiness as well as participate in training opportunities.  this focus will be the center of gravity for the committee from 2019-2021.  Secondly, in the final year of the CWG cycle (2022), our focus will shift to the selection process and ensuring that we select the most competitive teams to represent NB at the 2023 CWG.  The intent is to select teams that have a viable opportunity of medaling at the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

Teams will be selected through an open qualifying process.  In addition, there will be development camps and age appropriate events to prepare the teams.  The draft schedule is outlined in the CWG Training Plan 2019-2023 document.  This document not only highlights when events will likely be taking place, it also provides an overview of the various training objectives for  both players and coaches.  All players/parents and coaches are encouraged to review this document.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 2023 CWG Training Plan  (Please Note:  this document will be updated to reflect required event cancellations due to COVID 19, etc.)


All junior curlers born July 1, 2004 or later are eligible for the 2023 Canada Winter Games (CWG) curling teams.Teams consist of 4 players and one coach.

At publication of this document, age requirements for the mixed doubles teams was yet to be determined.


Curling NB is charged with managing the selection of the NB Canada Winter Games boys, girls and mixed doubles curling teams.  Curling NB has a CWG Selection Committee which is a sub-committee of the Curling NB Junior Development Committee.


The objectives of the CWG Selection Committee are not only the selection of teams but also to ensure that there is a development program in place that will increase the potential of Team NB winning medals.  It is also intended that teams and players other than the eventual “selected” CWG teams will benefit from this process, further enhancing the NB Junior Development Program for the long term benefit of the sport.


There is provincial funding provided to the Selection Committee to assist with the cost of the development opportunities provided throughout the CWG cycle.  This funding will be used to benefit all teams leading up to the actual selection process as well as to assist the “selected” CWG teams as they prepare to represent NB at the CWG.

Selection Process for 4 Person Teams:

8 boys and 8 girls teams will qualify from two open qualifying events and move on to the final CWG Selection Spiel:

Qualifier #1 (tentatively 14-16 Jan, 2022) will qualify the first 4 boys teams and the first 4 girls teams.

Qualifier #2 (tentatively 4-6 Feb, 2022) will qualify 4 additional boys teams and 4 additional girls teams.

2023 CWG Selection Spiel (tentatively 17-20, Feb, 2022) will be an 8 team TKO event for both the boys and the girls.

Selection Process for Mixed Doubles Team:

The CWG Mixed Doubles Selection Spiel will be an open event with no limitations of the number of entries.  This event is tentatively scheduled for 11-13, March, 2022.  As these dates reflect the final weekend of March Break, if necessary, time could be added at the front end.  Field size and selected format will be the deciding factor.


Shawn Riggs

Selection Committee Chair

2023 Canada Winter Games