Podium Pathway Program-HP (P3HP)

Mission Statement

Provide opportunities for high performance athletes and coaches in New Brunswick to develop the competitive skills to win at the provincial, national, and international levels of competition.

Vision Statement

The NBCA High Performance Program is dedicated to cultivating excellence in both curlers and coaches. Grounded in the principles of the Long-Term Curler Development Guide and inspired by Curling Canada’s NextGen program, we are committed to leveraging on-ice training, classroom instruction, and cutting-edge technology to elevate the competitive performance of New Brunswick curlers across all levels of play.

P3HP Committee:

John Corbin – Curling NB Technical Director (nbcatechdir@gmail.com)

Gary Wilson – Curling NB Canada Winter Games Director (nbcacwgcoord@gmail.com)

Daryell Nowlan – NBCA High Performance Coach (NBCACoach@gmail.com)

Brian Rice- NBCA Master Learning Facilitator