Curling NB Hall of Fame Announces Inaugural Inductees

The Curling New Brunswick Hall of Fame is set to announce the first ever group of inductees during N.B. Curling Week Jan. 16, 2022 – Jan. 22, 2022.

Inductees for 2022 NB Curling Hall of Fame

  • Ken Grattan – Builder
  • Ron Hutton – Builder
  • Jim Sullivan Rink 1988 Junior – Team
  • Heidi Hanlon Rink – Team
  • Jim Sullivan – Athlete
  • Dave Sullivan – Athlete

The New Brunswick Curling Hall of Fame committee was newly formed in fall of 2019 and exists within the parent organization of Curling NB. The NB Curling Hall of Fame (NBCHOF) Selection Committee received applications from various curling clubs around the province. This committee selected the first group of six inductees, two builders, two teams and two athletes. The initial intent was to host a live Induction Ceremony in early 2020. Since that time Covid restrictions have made a live event relatively impossible to organize, especially one worthy of our inductees and the committee felt, it was better to delay until a time when it was safe. Like many other organizations during this trying time plans for a ceremony have started and stopped a few times in the interim years.

Two years later, still in the midst of the Covid pandemic, and leading up to N.B. Curling Week the committee agreed we could not wait any longer to share our excitement for the selected inductees. To celebrate the NBCHOF Facebook site will post each day, starting on Jan. 17, 2022, during N.B. Curling Week and focus on the accomplishments of a single inductee, in the categories of Builder, Athlete or Team. (A preview of each post and photos of the inductee are attached, we will follow the order presented above starting with Ken Grattan on Jan. 17 and ending with Jim Sullivan on Jan. 22)

A proper NB Curling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held in the future at a time when the Covid restrictions allow for a safe and enjoyable celebration.

In addition, following the close of N.B. Curling Week on January 23, 2022 the NBCHOF Selection Committee will be open to receive new nominations for the Hall, with an application Deadline of Feb 28. 2022. Forms and an outline of Requirements are available on the NB Curling Hall of Fame Facebook site at and at the following links:



Completed application forms are to be submitted to Mike Dobson, Chair of the Selection Committee. Contact Mike Dobson at